My Kayaking Challenge

Challenges that matter. That's what I've been looking for and have found.
Windsurfing, car racing, mountain biking and paramotor flying, I've done it all but none of them have given me lasting satisfaction.
I have found that in kayaking and in particular the simplicity, the independence and the physical challenge mean that this sport has all the elements that are important to me.
To give my kayaking activities an extra dimension and make it matter, I have started an ambitious project.

The idea for this challenge started some 15 years ago, when I was an active paramotor pilot. Flying along the Nile in Egypt was my dream. And doing that while raising funds for SOS Children's Villages the icing on the cake.

But while organizing this trip, I discovered that flying in Egyptian airspace, some of that being military airspace, was not easy to get permission for. And at the end it simply got way too complicated to handle.

Soon after I started kayaking, I saw the potential and decided to fulfill my dream in this way. And that is how Paddle for Egypt 2023 started.

My goal is to paddle 1200 km in my kayak in just 30 days and preparation is key and therefor I work with the best. My equipment sponsors are providing me with fantastic material and together with my trainer and kayaking buddies I am working hard on being in shape to make it all happen.

The start is on November 1st 2023 in Aswan and the finish is on November 30th 2023 in Rosetta (Rasheed). There will be 6 stages in total and after each stage there is a rest day.

The 6 Stages are:

  1. Aswan – Qena
    290 km
    5 days
    Including Esna Barrage
  2. Qena – Monastery of Great Martyr Prince Tadros
    301 km
    5 days
    Including Naga Hammadi Barrage
    Including Asyut Barrage
  3. Monastery of Great Martyr Prince Tadros – Beni Suef
    228 km
    4 days
  4. Beni Suef – Cairo
    122 km
    2 days
    Resting day @ SOS Children’s Villages Cairo (click here for more information)
  5. Cairo – Kafr El-Zayat
    141 km
    2 days
    Resting day @ SOS Children’s Villages Tanta (click here for more information)
  6. Kadr El-Zayat – Rasheed (Rosetta)
    118 km
    2 days
    Resting day @ SOS Children’s Villages Alexandria (click here for more information)

Why I am doing this is simple. There are an awful lot of orphans in Egypt and many are worse off than most of us.
SOS Children’s Villages in Egypt works on the development of vulnerable groups of children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care in Egyptian society,
They do this by providing them with long term and high quality care and preparing them for social and economic challenges.
This happens through three main programs:
1) Family Care;
2) Youth Empowerment;
3) Family Structuring.

Your donations will make the difference to the future of so many children and this is a powerful motivator for me to make this kayaking challenge happen.

With your help and my sponsorship partners I am raising funds for the projects of SOS Children's Villages Egypt in Cairo, Tanta and Alexandria. SOS Children's Villages Egypt operates under SOS Children's Villages International based in Austria.

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Various tours with the MKV

Throughout the year I am participating in the many kayak activities organized by the MKV.