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The Nortik Argo is a foldable kayak available from Out-Trade GmbH from Germany, a renowned manufacturer of folding kayaks. This kayak is specifically designed for touring on the sea and larger bodies of open water. Known for its sporty and stable nature, the Nortik Argo offers remarkable rigidity and robustness, ensuring a secure and enjoyable kayaking experience.

One of the standout features of the Nortik Argo is its foldable design, allowing for convenient storage and transportation. This design is an extension of the Nortik Navigator, which incorporates a wooden frame. However, the Argo distinguishes itself by offering increased dimensions. With a length of 5.20 meters and a width of 62 centimeters, the kayak boasts greater volume and storage capacity. This design enhancement accommodates larger individuals comfortably while still providing ample room for luggage and gear.

Out-Trade GmbH. has established a reputation for crafting high-quality folding kayaks that combine practicality and performance. The Nortik Argo stands as an excellent example of their dedication to creating innovative and reliable watercraft suitable for diverse kayaking adventures.

In the Netherlands, the designated dealer for the Nortik Argo is Vouwkanowinkel, run by Frank van Zwol. Vouwkanowinkel serves as the authorized distributor for the Nortik Argo foldable kayak, providing enthusiasts and adventurers in the Netherlands with access to this remarkable watercraft. With Frank van Zwol's expertise and the dealership's commitment to quality and customer service, kayaking enthusiasts can acquire the Nortik Argo and embark on their waterborne journeys with confidence.

The Kalleq is a highly regarded Greenland paddle offered by Gearlab Outdoors. It is designed for endurance and elegance, with the name "Kalleq" paying homage to lightning in Inuit culture. I use for Paddle for Egypt a Carbon Black paddle in a Regular size. The Regular size strikes a balance between power and comfort for long journeys.
Length: 220cm
Loom Length: 55cm
Blade Width: 8.8cm
Weight: 700 ± 30 g
Material: Seamless Carbon Fiber

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